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  • The trip is Short

    The trip is Short

    My recent book that i am working for Noon Books publication. this book is work with digital technique.

  • My own Book

    My own Book

    The upcoming collection is a picture book authored and illustrated by myself, featuring eleven frames, along with a viewable cover design. In creating this collection, I have focused on the friendship between humans and animals, which I have challenged myself from different perspectives in terms of design and space creation. In my opinion, the process…

  • My Merciful God, Hello

    My Merciful God, Hello

    The upcoming collection has been commissioned by Behnashr Publication for a recent book called * My Merciful God, Hello *. The technique of these works is mixed media and it is worked with Oil Color, Colored Pencil and collage.

  • Drops dripped from the cloud

    Drops dripped from the cloud

    The upcoming collection was commissioned by JUNGLE  Publications in Shiraz. It is a collection of twenty-frame poems for the book * Drops dripped from Cloud * The technique of this collection is acrylic.